Our Story

Zyn Wellness is a Los Angeles based, Black woman-owned luxury skincare and wellness lifestyle brand.  Zyn Wellness is positioned at the cornerstone of beauty, community and advocacy.  As a skincare and pain management topicals supplier, Zyn Wellness keeps marginalized communities at the forefront of our efforts ensuring our products are inclusive, adding value to the lives of everyone in all communities, including the beauty, wellness and sports communities.  

Our products were designed with holistic wellness in mind.  From skincare to pain and stress management, our luxury topicals are designed to infuse perfectly into your day to day wellness routine and lifestyle.  At Zyn Wellness, we believe mental health is just as important as physical health and that all communities deserve access to affordable wellness resources.

 Zyn's dual approach to wellness includes retail, community events and visual education.  The is the Zyn way of reminding our community that:

  • we are not our circumstances 
  • we stand in solidarity 
  • we will be absolutely fabulous while creating change in the world

All of our products are lab tested in GMP Certified facilities and are designed to assist with the management of stress, anxiety and physical pain for consumers looking to live their absolute best lives.

Look Good.  Feel Good.  Perform Better.